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Street Youth Service
Kumangka’s Street Youth team assist underage Aboriginal youth in the city on Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm – 4am. The Street Youth team also provide mentoring, and police liaison services.
Friday and Saturday nights:
Transport kids out of the city who are at risk of getting into trouble in town, or cannot get home (by consent of youth). Talk to police, shopkeepers and bouncers in the city area for details of Aboriginal youth in the area.

Encourage youth around the city to be safe and to head back home.
Walk the youths to their house doors and talk to parents if the youth is under the age of 14. Discuss with youth about their time management skills (so that they don’t miss the train or bus again).

Kumangka Street Youth team also speak to the youths about drug, alcohol and personal safety issues

Mentoring and guidance:
Mentor in self-esteem and leadership to encourage the youth to their full potential.
Tutor and mentor youth who need help in numeracy and literacy skills and art lessons.
Inform about culture, healthy lifestyles, physical and mental health, personal hygiene, and cooking (basic life skills).
Promote Kumangka’s upcoming holiday programs/events to youth.