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Under the Illicit Drug Diversion Initiative, Kumangka provides a drug and alcohol diversion service to Aboriginal youth who have been referred. Referral can come through a number of ways including:

Police who have obtained/arrested the youth on drug charges.
Kumangka can be the step between the police arrest and court for the youth. Families.
Kumangka can provide conflict resolution between youth and parents.

The aim of the IDDA program is to advocate drug and alcohol issues, talk with youth, and help divert youth from jail.

To combat drug and alcohol issues with youth, Kumangka provides a free one-on-one counselling service, where parents can join also. Through counselling, Kumangka monitors the youth, as well as monitoring through the police and other services.

Kumangka provides information (e.g. pamphlets and fliers) on drug and alcohol issues. Kumangka also can escort clients to hospital, as well as refer and report to appropriate agencies and services. Police, crowd controllers, and other youth agencies, frequently contact Kumangka seeking assistance with issues involving Aboriginal youth.